Advertising services

Our range of advertising services includes all forms of promotion which will make it easier for you to reach your target group. We offer effective tools to enhance your presence as an exhibitor at trade fairs. An appropriate and well-aimed application of these tools will contribute to making your offer more attractive to professional trade fair visitors.

  • Outdoor / indoor advertising


See our detailed offer at: OUTDOOR and INDOOR presentation

  • Flags and advertising structures

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  • Mobile advertising - hostesses
  • Exhibitors' Press Service which include: MTP Media Content, MTP Contact for the Media and MTP Press Center


For more information, please contact with our team:

Napisz email Małgorzata Barczak
tel. +48 61 869 2524
e-mail: malgorzata.barczakat
Napisz email Jan Krzymiński
tel. +48 61 869 2437
e-mail: jan.krzyminskiat
Napisz email Katarzyna Probala
tel. +48 61 869 230
e-mail: katarzyna.probalaat
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