Story of my travel

We invite professionals, travelers with achievements that travel along Polish trails and to the most extreme places on Earth to cooperate with us. Meetings with them act as a magnet for visitors seeking practical information on travel and inspiration.

In 2019, we hosted e.g. Jarosław Kuźniar – a famous journalist and traveler, Tomasz Zubilewicz - weather presenter, author of guides around Poland, Miłka Raulin - one of the youngest Polish women who won Mount Everst and Mateusz Waligóra - the first man who crossed the Gobi desert alone.

In 2020, we can meet during TOUR SALON Fair: Dorota Chojnowska and Selim Saffarini - traveling around the world on bamboo bikes, Magdalena Gorals, who together with Karolina Jonderko formed the first female team in the Mongol Rally rally, Katarzyna and Łukasz Będziński - travelers, authors of the blog "Where the sun rises for us"

During the fair there is also a very popular  Travel Festival "Following the Trace of Dreams".